Welcome to Voltage Control Records!

Voltage Control Records is up and running and open for business! VCR is beginning to launch a number of releases over the coming weeks. Soon enough we will generate an email list and periodic newsletter! Our first set of releases features two records, the first by Daniel McKemie and another by the Brooklyn-based trio Research.

McKemie's record D/A /// A/D (standing for Digital / Analog /// Analog / Digital) exhibits a series of work written over the last few years that takes a deep dive into the world of computer controlled analog synthesizers and hardware. Using a mix of software controllers and processes, and hardware from Eurorack systems to handmade circuitry, the goal was to showcase music that shows the power of hybrid systems.

The second release by Research titled Volume 1, is comprised of five pieces that explore the space of improvisation in electronic music. Members of the band include acclaimed visual artists Eri King and Daniel Greer (also known as EriDan when in duo mode), and Daniel McKemie. The group started when the three of them were living together in an apartment and developed a consistent practice of improvisational jam sessions. This time is often used to explore sound palettes of different instruments and devices of music making, different methods and approaches to music and listening, and most importantly looking to intertwine having fun all the while maintaining a that consistent practice in sound.