Kotija: Hell is Basically 4 over 3

The second release by Berlin/NYC based duo Kotija, utilizing various custom software and processing tools, coupled with hardware electronics and each with an acoustic instrument in the fold. This set was written and performed in the Northeastern United States in the spring 2019, and recorded shortly thereafter. An accompanying video art piece by NYC art duo Eridan can also be found in addition to the audio/CD here.

The process of creation for the duo centers around alternating performance roles on both acoustic and electronic instruments. The goal is to combine these elements in as many combinations as possible, often utilizing strings, percussions, and wind instruments; as well as software processing tools built in Max/MSP and SuperCollider and hardware such as synthesizers and handmade circuitry.

All music composed and recorded by Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos and Daniel McKemie

Mixed and Mastered by Kotija

Jonathan Candelario - Artwork and MJ Smile

Eridan (Eri King and Daniel Greer) - video accompaniment