About Us

A group of audio, visual, and multimedia artists have joined together here to share our work.

Based in NYC. Voltage Control Records releases music that demonstrates new approaches to experimentation and aims to push beyond postmodern ideals. The label releases other media in the form of video, books, visuals, and other choice digital and electronic arts.

Each release on VCR comes in a unique form and presentation curated by the artist. In addition to music being made available on digital service sites such as Bandcamp, Spotify, etc., additional content and information about each release is available on this site. A release on VCR does not always necessarily come in standard physical form like cassette, CD, and vinyl (though it can), but rather can also be shared in the form of a visual piece, video, software, digital multimedia, interactive website, or any other combination of creative outlets.

Artists work together with the label and its fellow personnel to package and present their music the way they best see fit.

Artist Links

Hank the Mason


Melody Loveless

Esteban Ruiz-Velasco

Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos

Daniel Greer

Eri King

Daniel McKemie

Ryan Ross Smith

Eridan Studio